December 19, 2017: That Dark Matter Dark Timeline Revealed!

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Back in 2012, I went out with a well-developed plan for a space opera, one with a beginning, middle and end to every storyline and character arc, answers to every question.  It was to be a self-contained and satisfying narrative.  But after the show was green lit and we went into production, those plans changed – slightly at first (ie. making our Android female), then more significantly (ie killing off the character of ONE).  And yet, while the changes required adjustments that necessarily echoed through future narrative threads, they didn’t really affect the promised answers to all the questions the show would pose, or the endings I had intended for these characters.  As time wore on, however, and I spent more time on the show, with these characters, interacting with fandom, I began to have a change of heart.  And I began to think that, maybe, that downbeat heartbreaker of…

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I wish circumstance would stop laughing at me, now.

I snapped the tendon in my knee in July – and since then it’s been one “Well ain’t that just typical” scenario after another. To say I’m jaded by it is a big understatement.

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October 25, 2017: The Dark Matter collection – by Bannister!

Gotta love Dark Matter, and the depth of talent that it inspires!

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I’ve been amazed by the obvious love Dark Matter fandom has demonstrated for the show, through the time and effort everyone spent online – tweeting, rallying, generating artwork that has positively wowed everyone from cast members to crew.  I’ve featured a lot of that artwork here on the blog over these past few weeks.  Today, I’d like to do so once again, this time featuring the complete Dark Matter collection created by artist @bannister01.  I absolutely love his work…

Insanely talented.  The individual character designs are beautiful and should be part of the official Dark Matter merchandise line (if such a thing existed).

You can follow Bannister on twitter.

Check out his Facebook page here:

The animated series he and his wife are working on:

And some of his other work here:

And, of course, a link to his Dark Matter fan art:

Nicolas, merci…

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We carry each other …


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Anomalous …

I’m somewhat of an anomaly, when it comes to (in my case ‘very amateur’) voice acting, in the fact that I have a speech impediment that goes by the name of ‘stammer’. However, life is too short to not try something, just because you’re too afraid to … so, here’s me acting out something that I wrote for an audio drama that always seems to be in a sad state of procrastinating flux.

Based on Naughty Dog’s brilliant “The Last Of Us” video game franchise, here’s “The Last Of Us : Alternate Lines”.

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Created on this day …

… to document my various inane witterings.

Short stories, reviews of varying genres and ramblings regarding the music I create will be posted here.

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